Conversions and modernisation


We are always in motion to find new technical solutions to improve the performance of our machines. We share with you all our ideas and solutions to keep even the oldest machines up to date with market and technical development. We provide Retrofit solutions to put new life into dated machines that have higher maintenance costs and which offer modern solutions such as remote support. Our machines are modular. At any time and even after many years, you can make your machines last longer, to meet your design needs, without excessive costs.

  Through our modernisation intervention, you can obtain:
 -Increased production
 -Changes suited to your needs
 -Reliability of a modern system


Today, technological growth generates an ever-increasing evolution to meet production challenges and labour enhancement. Through the modernisation service of our products and also those of other brands, such as (PEDAX-DC Machinery) for example, we can provide a generational jump on your pile cage machine. The control system will guarantee you greater performance, better control of all parameters and the possibility of receiving remote support to restart after a fault in the least time possible, reducing operating costs. Do you want to expand the productivity range of your machine, increasing the capacity lengthways. You can purchase everything you need, the machines are modular and set up for this type of intervention. Furthermore, all the most innovative new mechanical solutions to reduce production times and reduce the need for crane use during the work phases can be available to you.

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