Pile Cage Machine CAGEMASTER 1500




The CAGEMASTER 1500 Pile Cage Machine is the most sold machine. Its DNA is to ensure strength and resistance over time. This allows the 1500, but also the rest of the range, to require little maintenance and little need for intervention or spare parts. Simply: Designed to last. It offers maximum flexibility with a vast productivity range with pile ø: 200 mm up to piles with bars from 40 mm and a 16 mm spiral. Furthermore, the last upgrades have greatly increased the practicality of this machine which allows project change without having to use lifting devices in general. This, together with other measures, considerably reduces time wasting on the production line. The advanced software helps the user in each step and reduces production time.

The CAGEMASTER 1500 Pile Cage Machine allows creation of round or polygon cages, to weld on one side or both to guarantee maximum strength of the cage built. We offer custom solutions for the most wide-ranging production needs. Thanks to our experience and by collaborating with clients and their various needs, we have developed dozens of accessories to resolve diverse production situations. We can't wait to measure up to the challenges the market sets us.


Technical characteristics

  • Minimum ø gabbia 200 mm
  • Maximum ø gabbia 1500 mm
  • Min. bar ø: 10 mm
  • Max. bar ø: 40 mm
  • Min. spiral ø: 5 mm
  • Max. Spiral ø 16 mm




15” Control Panel

15’’ control panel The 15’’ colour touchscreen control panel was created to guarantee easy use thanks to the widespread use of clear and intuitive icons. The software supports the operator in all work phases from setting a new job to diagnostics. The machine can also be interfaced with other devices.

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